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Philippians 4:6: Do Not Be Anxious About Anything

Philippians 4:6
[6] do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. (ESV)

Whoa. Stop right there. That is an incredible command is it not? Do not be anxious about anything? Have you ever been anxious? What about those who have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder? The reality is that we have all experienced anxiety in our lives. Maybe you have a mild fear of clowns. Maybe you were afraid of the dark as a child. Or you may have a crippling fear of death.

The reality of anxiety is why the Apostle Paul addresses it. Paul knows that one of the things that the enemy of our souls uses to effectively distract us from faithful service to the Lord is anxiety. I want to be clear. Paul's command not to be anxious is not a judgment on those who struggle with anxiety. What he wants to do is to show us that we do not need to fear!

Paul moves from a command of what not to do to an admonition on what to do; bring your needs to God! Fear is powerful in our lives when we embrace it and refuse to give it to the only one who can eliminate that fear. The avenue of bringing our fears to God is through prayer. The approach to God through prayer recognizes that God's power is greater than our fears.

Now, I want to encourage you if you are fearful of coming to God. What a terrible thing it would be if our anxiety is a fear to approach God! You need not fear. He longs to hear you. He alone cares about you. Because of what Christ has done on the cross there is direct access to a Heavenly Father who wants to hold you in his lap and comfort all of your fears.

Do not be anxious. Why? Because it is not necessary. Approach your loving Heavenly Father with all of your fears. He longs to hear your call for help.