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Philippians 4:2: I Entreat Euodia And I Entreat Syntyche To Agree In The Lord

Philippians 4:2
[2] I entreat Euodia and I entreat Syntyche to agree in the Lord. (ESV)

Ok, it's time for you to be honest. Before you just read today's verse had you ever heard of either Euodia or Syntyche? Don't feel bad if you didn't. They are only mentioned in this verse of the Bible. Which leads me to another thought; if you were mentioned in the Bible wouldn't you want it to be for something good? Well, in this case we have two ladies having a disagreement in the Church.

Once again, we find a very personal involvement that Paul has in the church at Philippi. These were not just two people. They were special ladies with names. These were ladies that Paul cared about. So, when he gives instruction regarding this disagreement it comes from a place of love. Paul loved these two women and he loved the church. Proper rebuke always come from love.

What do we know about these women? We do not know a whole lot, although the next verse will give us some more insight. (We will look at that tomorrow). However, the very beginning of this church was actually a gathering of women who came together for prayer. We find the account of that gathering in the book of Acts.

Acts 16:13
[13] And on the Sabbath day we went outside the gate to the riverside, where we supposed there was a place of prayer, and we sat down and spoke to the women who had come together. (ESV)

The church began as women came together. Now, Paul is concerned that the church will split apart as these two prominent women are entangled in a disagreement. How tragic it is when disagreements take over in a church situation. There are so many admonitions in Scripture concerning us not holding on to anger and bitterness. It undermines everything that God wants to do in His body.

Are you angry at someone? Perhaps it's another believer? I entreat you to agree in the Lord with them. Agree to let go of your anger and demanding your way. It is for the best for you and for everybody else.