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Philippians 4:14: It Was Kind Of You To Share My Trouble

Philippians 4:14
[14] Yet it was kind of you to share my trouble. (ESV)

Christianity is a team sport. There are many who think that they do not need the church to be a Christian. There are those who think that all they need is a Bible and they can learn all that they need to know without being around those other "hypocrites" that the church is full of. But, if that same person would truly read the Bible he would find that it is filled with commands to live out this Christian life with "one another."

The Apostle Paul was a man who God had used in powerful ways to spread the Gospel all over the Roman Empire. He had endured incredible amounts of suffering. Yet, he was not a lone ranger. He had been blessed by the Philippian believers whom he loved. They had sent money, food, and encouragement in the form of Epaphroditus.

Paul could have said that he appreciated the gifts and sent Epaphroditus quickly home. Paul did no such thing. Epaphroditus was there with Paul for some time to share in his suffering and to be an encouragement. Paul was grateful. He says to the Philippian believers, "It was kind of you to share my trouble."

One of the greatest demonstrations of kindness that we can offer is to share another's trouble. You cannot be a lone ranger and demonstrate this kind of kindness. It requires you to be physically with someone who is hurting. I can think of many times I visited someone in the hospital. I did not have all the right words to say, but the person in the hospital room was so grateful that I simply spent the time with them in their time of need.

We all need each other. There is no lone ranger Christianity. Do you know someone in need? Find a way to share their trouble. God's kindness shines in those moments.