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Philippians 2:23: I Hope Therefore To Send Him

Philippians 2:23
[23] I hope therefore to send him just as soon as I see how it will go with me, (ESV)

The Apostle Paul wanted to send Timothy to the church at Philippi. He was his closest friend. He was like a son to him. He was a great encouragement. He was the best person Paul could have sent to continue the ministry of Paul himself to the church at Philippi. Timothy was like that person who is so close to another person that they can practically finish the other person's sentences.

Paul's hesitation to send him is that he is waiting to see how things are going to go for himself in regards to being potentially released from prison. I love this picture of Paul. He is a real guy in a very difficult situation. The financial and physical support of prisoners came from any friends or family that the prisoner had. If you had no friends, finances or family, you would likely die in prison.

Paul truly wanted to go with Timothy to Philippi. Yet, he is restrained by his current situation. What is your current situation? Perhaps you feel like God is calling you to a new ministry, yet you remain "trapped" in your current situation. What should you do? Trust the one who called you. If he calls you to something he will provide the means for you to be there.

This verse speaks about God's timing. Our timing and God's timing are often not the same. We are ready to go, or so we think. And God says to us that he will determine when we are ready. Paul is essentially saying, "I will send Timothy when God says so."  I can think of times where I thought I was ready to go and God says, "You will go when I say so."

Waiting is hard. We need to trust that God's timing is always best. In the meantime, we can use our time wisely by drawing close to the Lord and learning patience.