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Philippians 2:8: Being Found In Human Form

Philippians 2:8
[8] And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. (ESV)

The Apostle Paul is continuing to give us an inside look at just what the Savior did in becoming a man. This is all about condescension. We view that word in a negative light usually, but in the context of Jesus we find that God condescended by lowering himself to our level. It ought to amaze us every time we read this passage. God had no need to do any of this, and yet Christ willingly came to us.

We have already looked at how Jesus lowered himself to become a human. This is what we call the incarnation. For the Creator of the universe to take on humanity seems to be about as low as one could go, but let's look at this verse today. It appears that God went even lower than we first notice in just the incarnation itself.

Paul says he humbled himself by becoming obedient. He took on the nature of a man. Not just any kind of man. The lowliest of men. A servant. If Jesus had condescended to come to Earth and was declared the King of the Earth, or even the King of Israel it would have been an amazing act of God's kindness and mercy. Yet, he lowered himself all the way to the position of a servant.

He lowered himself not just to being a servant. It goes further. He was willing to serve to the point of death. Is your mind blown yet? It should be. Yet, Jesus goes further. He is willing to die in the lowliest form of death ever devised. He hangs on a cross, the Creator of the Universe, his body torn to shreds, naked, between two thieves.

Friend, God lowered himself not only to your condition, but far lower. Do not ever question whether or not he understands your lowliness. Cast your cares  on him. He alone truly cares for you.