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Philippians 2:2: Complete My Joy (Part 2)

Philippians 2:2
[2] complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. (ESV)

As we discovered in the first part of looking at this verse, Paul had much anxiety as he cared for all the churches. It would make his job much easier and more joyful if the believers that he was overseeing spiritually would walk together in unity. This was true for Paul the Apostle and it is true for all pastors, elders, deacons, and spiritual leaders who have care for a church body.

Paul lists the characteristics of what unity looks like, starting with being of the same mind. Now, we know that everyone has a different opinion. Paul is saying that we should have the same mind. How can that be? We can be of the same mind as we lay aside our demand for our opinion to compete against others. We choose to agree together so that the work of proclaiming the Gospel can be unhindered.

We are to have the same love. This is able to happen in the body of Christ because we understand that we were all given the same love. There were no favorites. God loves each one of us equally. We are to take that love that we have received and offer it to each other. If we are favoring some while ignoring others we have become unloving and will hinder unity from being a reality in the church.

What does it mean to be in full accord and of one mind. The picture here is of a group of people being completely one in purpose. In so many churches we divide ourselves into what kind of worship music we like, what kind of building decorations we like, what length of sermons we like, etc. All of these things are secondary to the one unifying purpose we should all have: proclaiming the Gospel.

Do you want to be part of a victorious movement that will bring much joy? Strive for unity in your local church. Be of one mind, one love, and one mind. All for one. All for the Gospel.