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Philippians 2:10: At The Name of Jesus Every Knee Will Bow

Philippians 2:10
[10] so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, (ESV)

We get so frustrated as we live in this ungodly world. People mock us for following Christ. We hear people at work using the name of Jesus as a casual swear word, completely dishonoring the name that is the only name whereby we may be saved. It seems for us that this kind of mockery of Jesus will never end. Yet, it will end. Paul gives us a promise. Everyone will bow at the name of Jesus.

We will all bow at the name of Jesus. The option is willingly or unwillingly. To the believer in Jesus Christ we joyfully bow at the name of Jesus. His very name gives us joy as it reminds us of the sacrifice that he has given for us. He has changed our lives. He has given us hope. He has given us eternal life. We willingly bow.

Those who choose to live in their wickedness, rejecting the offer of salvation, will also bow at the name of Jesus. There will come a day when they will stand before him. Those knees will buckle. They will declare that Jesus is Lord, but unlike those who belong to Jesus, there declaration will bring them no joy. It will only confirm their guiltiness as they face an eternity without the joy that a relationship with Jesus would have brought to them.

This name of Jesus is a name of absolute deity. There is no name that is greater. If there was a greater name than Jesus would not be God. Paul continues to make clear for us that Jesus Christ is in no way inferior to any being in heaven, earth, or otherwise. Consider that giving glory to any other claiming to be God is an act of folly and rebellion to the truth of Jesus Christ.

We will all bow. If you are reading this right now you will bow at the name of Jesus. Your choice. Willingly or unwillingly. I pray that you will willingly bow and find the joy of knowing Jesus.