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Philippians 1:26: You May Have Ample Cause To Glory In Christ Jesus

Philippians 1:26
[26] so that in me you may have ample cause to glory in Christ Jesus, because of my coming to you again. (ESV)

As you read that verse it raises a question. Does your coming to a body of believers give them ample cause to glory in Christ Jesus? That is a challenging question. Paul is continuing in this thought about how his living a little while longer on this earth, while keeping him from his goal of being with Jesus, would be a benefit to the believers in Philippi.

So much of the time, when we think about our walk with Christ, we think in terms of what we are experiencing and how satisfied we are with our own current situation. Paul models for us a life that puts on hold what would be beneficial to himself, and prefers to look at how his life can be a blessing to others so that Christ would be glorified.

Sadly, there are churches where people coming together is not ample cause for Christ to be glorified, but rather self to be amplified. Where you have churches that are known for gossip, in-fighting, power struggles and the like you have "believers" who need a gentle reminder about Paul's focus. He lived this life so that others would be blessed and Christ would be glorified.

Consider your next visit with other believers. Perhaps you are going to a Bible Study. Maybe it will be Sunday morning worship service. It could be a prayer meeting. Before you encounter your fellow believers in Jesus consider how your presence with them will give them ample cause to glory in Christ.

Paul gives us a wonderful example to follow. Just like him, you can place the needs of others before yourself. Let your presence be a blessing and a cause for others to glory in Christ Jesus.