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Philippians 1:25: Convinced of This, I Know I Will Remain

Philippians 1:25
[25] Convinced of this, I know that I will remain and continue with you all, for your progress and joy in the faith, (ESV)

This verse begins with an interesting phrase. Paul says he is convinced. What does that mean? Is this part of the divine revelation that he has received to pass on to the Philippian believers? Is he convinced because God told him this directly? The answer is that Paul does not claim supernatural revelation in this verse. Yet, he is certainly filled with hope that he will remain.

For Paul, any confidence that he will remain on this earth means that there are things to do. The other day my wife asked me if I had a bucket list. I suppose that is what happens when you get older. Every day on this earth is one day closer to my last. I could not come up with anything for my bucket list. My Philadelphia Eagles already won the Super Bowl so I think I'm good.

Joking aside, what should be on the bucket list for every believer in Jesus Christ? As long as we remain we should continue with other believers, for their progress and joy in the faith. It is so important for us to not lose sight of our purpose here. God has established the Church. He purchased her with his blood. He wants her to be a vibrant and victorious church. We are the Church and our bucket list is caring for one another.

It would be very easy to put together a list of things that you may want to do before you leave this Earth. Maybe you want to go sky-diving. Perhaps you would like to tour the world and see the "seven wonders." It could even be a meeting with a famous person that you would desire. Do you realize that even greater than all those things is the daily opportunity you have to support your brother and sister in the their growth in the faith.

Bucket lists. Paul had one. It involved the growth of the Church. Ask the Lord to show you how you can have the same bucket list. He can use you to strengthen others.