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Philippians 1:1(c): To all the Saints in Christ Jesus

Philippians 1:1
[1] Paul and Timothy, servants of Christ Jesus, To all the saints in Christ Jesus who are at Philippi, with the overseers and deacons: (ESV)

How do you view yourself? If someone were to ask you what you were would you reply, "I am a saint."? Most of us view that word as something that only applies to dead Christians who have been declared a saint by the Catholic church. We can gather from the context here that Paul and Timothy are not sending a letter to corpses!

The word saint simply means "holy ones." Here is the great news. If you belong to Jesus Christ you are a saint. You have been declared holy because of Jesus Christ. When you become saved two things happen. Your sin is imputed to Christ, and Christ's righteousness is imputed to you. You are a new creation.

Our challenge is that we still struggle with sin. We know that God has declared us holy, but we feel unholy. The Apostle Paul rightly calls us saints, but we do not feel like we deserve the title. I believe that Satan wants to keep you thinking that you are not what God says you are. I believe that we will act more like saints if we truly believe that our identity has been established by God.

Take this day. Remind yourself all throughout the day that you are a saint. You have been called out and set apart. When Satan reminds you of what you were, remind him of who you are now!