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Psalm 1:1: Blessed is the Man

Psalm 1:1
[1] Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers

Blessed. We often talk about how blessed we are. Usually, the concept of being blessed is associated with looking at all of the material possessions that we have. We compare ourselves with others and declare that we are truly blessed. We may also consider our health, our family relationships, or even our circumstantial happiness. However, the Psalmist has a different idea in mind when referring to the man who is blessed.

This biblical concept of "blessed" is a deep contentment an joy that is found in God. It is not based on how many material possessions that we have accumulated. It is not based on whether or not our family relationships are healthy. It is not based on circumstances. It is the kind of joy and contentment that enables those in persecution and trials to still feel "blessed."

This blessed man is first described as what he does not do. In order for us to walk in the blessing of God we must avoid walking in places that will hinder us from that blessing. Those who are truly blessed:

  • Do not walk in the counsel of the wicked
  • Do not stand in the way of sinners
  • Do not sit in the seat of scoffers.
There is a worldly philosophy that is counter-productive to a life of blessing. Those who prioritize wickedness are not to be your counselors. Those who delight in sin are not your best friends. Those who scoff at the truth will undermine yours. The psalmist challenges us by showing us that if we want to be blessed we must reject those things that will keep us from true contentment and joy in God.

Are you experiencing the "blessing" of God? Or are you seeking to find blessing in material possessions, relationships, or circumstances?  Are you too close to things that are worldly?