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1 John 5:11: Eternal Life Is In His Son

1 John 5:11
[11] And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. (ESV)

Let's look at the quality of this life that God has given us, and the source of that life. Life is a difficult thing. Our physical bodies are in the slow process of decay. We are prone to sickness that can at the least be annoying, and at most can be fatal. We deal with circumstances that can bring us poverty, persecution, and a loss of all kinds of freedom.

God gave us life. Eternal life. It is significant to realize that the life God gives is eternal life. This is different from the life that brought us into this world. The Apostle John is describing a life that we receive from God that is not temporal like life before God's eternal life. Because we have eternal life we do not have to be overwhelmed by the temporal circumstances of this life.

When a Christian receives news that they have cancer, it is sad. But it does not need to be devastating. This world is not their home. They have eternal life. This body will pass away but they will live forever with the Lord. When a Christian experiences loss, they are reminded of what can never be lost. Our life is eternal. And our focus should be on eternal things, not temporal.

Now, we look at the source of this eternal life. This life is in God's Son. There are so many other religions that promise all kinds of things. But eternal life is only a reality for those who place their faith in the Son of God. The sad thing is that many are very sincere as they follow after false religions, but there is no eternal life in anything but the Son of God.

Do you have eternal life? Celebrate that life and focus on that which is eternal. Do not let the temporal world destroy the joy you have that is eternal. If you do not have eternal life place your faith in God's Son.