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1 John 5:10: The Testimony In Himself

1 John 5:10
[10] Whoever believes in the Son of God has the testimony in himself. Whoever does not believe God has made him a liar, because he has not believed in the testimony that God has borne concerning his Son. (ESV)

I want to re-word this verse just a little. "Whoever believes in the Son of God IS a testimony for God!" If you do not believe God you obviously cannot testify to God's existence. A person who has not believed in God will find the testimony of God to be false. They will have rejected the testimony of the water, the blood, and the Spirit which all testify of God.I want to look for a moment at how the testimony that God has given impacts us.


We have the testimony of water. Water symbolizes purity. We use water to cleanse ourselves physically. Spiritually, we see the waters of baptism symbolizing a change from a life of sin to one of holiness. Jesus himself was baptized by John the Baptist. He said that it was right for this to happen. And he also set a pattern for us. Just like Jesus was baptized, we also are baptized. We share this testimony.


We have the testimony of blood. Jesus shed his precious blood on the cross for the penalty of our sin. His perfect life was given for our sinful life. Jesus is referred to as the suffering servant (Isaiah 53). Did you realize that Jesus has also called each one of us to a life of suffering for him? When he tells us in Acts 1 that we will be his witnesses, the word for witness means martyr. We share this testimony.


It is an amazing thing when we consider the awesome Spirit of God anointing Jesus for his work. This same Spirit is the very Spirit that raised Christ from the dead. And this same Spirit lives within each one of us who believe in the Son of God. We are empowered and anointed for each and every task that God gives to us to do. How? By His Spirit. We share this testimony.

Do you believe in the Son of God? You have His testimony living through you. If you do not believe in the Son of God now is the time!