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1 John 3:21: Confidence Before God

1 John 3:21
[21] Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence before God; (ESV)

I want to look at the last few words of this verse.  "Confidence before God." Do you have confidence before God?  So many people have terror before God.  Those that do not know God ought to have terror before God.  But, I am convinced that many of God's people still do not fully realize that they can have confidence before God.

God is a good father.  In fact, he is the greatest father of all. The Word of God makes clear that he loves his children.  The greatest example of that love is found in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, God's Son, given for us.  He saw us in our wickedness and rebellion and made a way possible for our relationship to be restored.  That is a loving father.

So, this brings us back to the question, "Why do I not feel confident before God?"  Part of the problem is that our heart can be fickle. When we follow our hearts instead of finding our direction in God's Word we can feel condemned.  However, John is saying in this verse that if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence before God.  How can we get our heart not to condemn us.

To answer that, we need to look at the whole message of the previous verses in this passage.  John has been speaking of how a true follower of Jesus Christ is one who loves his brother. Genuine love flows from a genuine heart. Now, we need to be careful here.  Let's not fall into the false teaching that we are saved by our works, even works of love.  However, John is helping us to understand that a changed heart genuinely expresses itself in love.  And that gives us confidence before God.

Do you have confidence before God?  Listen to His Word and His Spirit? Examine your heart. Do you see evidence that you are expressing the love of God outwardly? Be confident.  If not, come to the Father's loving arms and ask for him to forgive you of sin and reassure your heart.


  1. I understand where he is coming from, And I try to have a Godly love for people, but to be honest sometimes people make it very hard to love them, or even like them.

    1. That is a very understandable viewpoint. I think we all can say that we have been there. People are extremely difficult to deal with. While it is easier said than done I think this is where we have to bring those people before the Lord and say, "God, I cannot stand this person. But you have called me to love them. So, please give me the strength to do it, because without you loving them through me, it's not going to happen." God honors honest prayers like that. he will help you. I appreciate you Curtis.


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