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1 John 3:18: Let Us Love . . . In Deed and In Truth

1 John 3:18
[18] Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth. (ESV)

If you go to any Hallmark store you can find hundreds of cards full of words of love. Many a young man has purchased a card full of beautiful words thinking that those words can sway the heart of a young woman. Others have tried their hand at writing their own beautiful words for their beloved.  And yet, our divorce rate in this country is almost 50%. I am sure that in all of those marriages, at one point or another, loving words were spoken.  But words are not enough.

John says that words and talk are inadequate in loving others completely.  We must take action.  To use this illustration of married couples the fact is that if we do not back up our words with actions our spouse will not feel loved at all.  Many couples come to divorce because they say they do not have feelings of love any more.  The reason the feelings are gone is because the actions of love are gone.

Feelings follow actions.  If we want to feel loved we need to experience the actions of love.  I always recommend to struggling married couples is to perform loving actions toward their spouse whether they feel it or not. Act loving.  Over time amazing things happen.  Feelings come back.  Why?  Because actions speak louder than words.

Now, the Apostle John was not speaking of marriage in this verse.  But the principles in the marriage illustration apply.  We must act in loving ways, not just talk about love.  Look at your neighbor. Are you loving them? Or is it all talk?

Consider those whom you work with; those whom you live with; those whom you meet in your neighborhood.  Find ways to show them Christ's love in ACTION, not just words.