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1 John 1:10: If We Say We Have Not Sinned

1 John 1:10
[10] If we say we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us. (ESV)

"The Vedanta recognizes no sin it only recognizes error. And the greatest error, says the Vedanta is to say that you are weak, that you are a sinner, a miserable creature, and that you have no power and you cannot do this and that."
- Swami Vivekananda

The Vedanta may recognize no sin, but the Bible does!  The Apostle John reminds us that those who say that they have not sinned make God to be a liar.  And the tragic end result of such a belief is that God's Word is not in us.  According to the Vedanta saying that you are weak, and that you are a sinner, is the greatest error.  According to the Word of God the greatest error is to refuse to acknowledge your sinfulness and weakness.

This Eastern teaching that I quoted seems quite ridiculous to those who truly know the Word of God, but I wonder how many people that we have talked to who essentially believe this nonsense.  There is something that appeals to man's sense of pride that refuses to acknowledge our own sin.  The false teachers whom the Apostle John is addressing in this letter were those who rejected the notion of sin.  As a result, John lets them know that instead of being "enlightened," they are making God out to be a liar, and His Word is not in them.

It is so important that when we share the Gospel with people that we help them to understand their own sin and their need for the forgiveness of sin that only comes from Jesus Christ. The people who need to hear that message might even be attending Church alongside of you.  I would rather offend a fellow church member with telling them of their need for forgiveness than nicely allow them to die in their unconfessed sin.

Do you have a hard time admitting your sin?  Ask Jesus to show you the reality of how you have fallen short of his perfect standard.  Remember, that if we confess our sin, he WILL forgive!